What’s Most Important

This week I had the opportunity to go on a special doctor visit to
Maryland to the National Institute of Health. I was able to be with my
parents for about 24 hours which was a huge blessing because it’d been
8 months since any real contact. Families are awesome man. Super
grateful for the time spent with my parents even if it was short.
Being with them also made me realize how unique of a time a mission
is-2 years fully devoted to helping others come onto Christ. I have
grown a lot and I am so thankful for the people who have helped me
become who I am today. Also realized while being in the real world for
24 hours that I’m a weirdo and all I talk about it is missionary
work…LOL! 😂(actual laughing!!!). Heck ya.

The person I am today is someone who I like. I know this Gospel is
true, it brings me joy. I am losing my fear to share it with almost
everyone. On my plane ride to Maryland, I sat in 1st class;) As people
were boarding the plane, a dude in a suit stopped at my aisle as his
assigned seat was next to mine. The first thing he says to me was “you
look like Ben Affleck”. Frick yeah, his name is Rob. He just so
happened to be from McKinney, Texas and even better, he lives in my
mission area! Our conversation continued from the time we left Florida
to the time we landed in Ronald Reagan Airport. I gave him a Book of
Mormon and we will be introducing him to the Elders near us this coming week😎

Also, I have a greater testimony that everyone needs a friend. Life
can be tough sometimes, but with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can
get through any trial. Be a friend to someone who has no one or who even has
many friends!

Elder Mikos wasn’t feeling too well this week so we were at our
apartment for a good majority. I was able to chuck a ninja thing at
the ceiling to pass the time (see picture below).


Elder Barber


Grateful for my Forefathers and this beautiful country


Spreading the word in D.C. baby!


Brent surprised me again!


step 1: admire ninja


step 2: throw ninja in a chill manner


step 3: admire ninja on the ceiling and wait till it falls, and catch it REPEAT FOR HOURS OF MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT


the white house with mother


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