Blessing Experience 

Pretty awesome week. Enjoying my time on my mission. I have atestimony of following the spirit. We felt prompted to knock a lady’s

door a couple weeks ago and the other day we passed by to give her a

blessing. It was a very special experience as she has been searching

for someone to anoint her. Recently, her Aunt, who lives in Puerto

Rico told her that she felt that God wanted her to tell the her that

she needed to find a church that would anoint her. We anointed her

with oil for a healing blessing. We laid our hands upon her head and

bestowed a blessing of health and anything else according to the will

of our Loving Heavenly Father. I know that the words spoken were

directly from God to the priesthood holder to her. We were just

instruments in Gods hands. Blessings work according to Gods will and

the faith of the one receiving the blessing. The spirit filled the

room and after the blessing she shared with us that experience she had

about her aunt. Grateful for another week. I will be staying in Lake

Mary and will be getting a new companion! Elder Mikos. Gonna miss

Elder Rockwood.
Love this gospel. I know it’s true.
Here are some pictures.
Elder Barber

Familia Segovia Mendoza! Con Hermano Heinz y Familia Diaz

Stirring/cooking is therapeutic for me.

This is a disgrace..I’m sorry Spongebob.

Ice cream truck break



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