4th of July

Pretty sweet week! My companion is super chill. Elder Mikos. I reallyenjoyed teaching Taylor this week about the Word of Wisdom. Thankful

for the sacrament. Elder Mikos got sick this weekend so we weren’t

able to make it to church yesterday. We weren’t able to get the

sacrament. I am super grateful that Christ provided a way for us to

continue enduring spiritually each week by renewing our baptismal

covenants through the sacrament. Each week we get to strive again to

follow Jesus Christ and keep his commandments. Looking forward to

partaking of the sacrament next Sunday.
Clase de ingles went really well, after we need a chapel tour with the

whole class! Thankful for the members who help us out so much.
Kittim is able to walk without crutches now! We passed by and he

seemed much happier.
4th of July was nuts! A member in the Lake Mary ward was shooting

firewoods like 4 feet away from his front door. It was bodacious.
Have a great week,
Elder Barber


That tree be like “please don’t ignite me🙏”


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