Dream Team

“Dream Team”
This week, with the Help of God. We were able to orchestrate a temple

tour for Kittim and Antonio. We were able to get a ride from a member

from El Salvador whom we had never met before. Her name was Stephanie.

It was perfect because we’d never known or met Stephanie before and

she was going to give us a ride. And neither Kittim or Antonio knew

each other. So going into this car ride we had no idea who our driver

was and nobody had anything in common. It was legendary. Kittim, the

islander. Stephani, the willing member, Antonio the Ex convict, and

than Elder Rockwood and I. We broke the ice by sharing our favorite

colors and as the drive continued, Antonio shared with me that he

likes to draw. We arrived at the temple and the spirit was there. It

was beautiful. Felt prompted while we were outside the temple to have

each of us pray to ask God if everything the gospel offers is true. I

prayed and I received an answer. I found out again for myself, that

the gospel is true. Thanks to a loving Heavenly Father and his son

Jesus Christ for providing a way to communicate. Love Kittim and

Antonio, they are 2 great guys and I love becoming genuine homies and

sharing our precious message.
I am really grateful for the spirit. It truly will never lead us

astray. I am thankful that I was baptized by proper priesthood

authority and was able to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.


Elder Barber

Also, as we toured the temple we all had a chance to just lay on the grass and enjoy the moment of being on the grounds of the house of the Lord. That was my favorite part. The goal is Eternal Life.



As you can tell we are very close


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