Haitian Mango

Seeing others come to the gospel makes me so happy. I got to see Lucy’s Baptism this week in Buena Vista YSA. I taught her while I served there. It was so sick to see the joy she had after being baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I feel so much love for everyone. I cannot deny the correctness and truth of this gospel. I was also able to see my homies elder Acevedo and Elder Bigler, love those goons. I feel a lot of peace and joy being out here on a mission. I am learning a lot.

Met an old guy standing outside a gas station who was a little drunk, which always makes for an interesting conversation. His name was Pat. He was repping a shirt with a wolf and a moon on it. He is from West Virginia. As we approached Pat he started by saying he already knows about us and that he was good, we assured him we were just trying to have a conversation because we were bored waiting for our gasXD. As the conversation wth good Ol Pat continued the spirit prompted to share the gospel so we did. He was still, and quickly got quite frustrated with us and told us to come back another day at that exact spot in front of the gas station. Pat is chill.

We bought Old man Vinny a Haitian mango in hopes that it would lighten his spirits as he has had many debilitating health issues in his life recently. We met him last week through his neighbor.(shout to his neighbor Shawn for helping us out) and we checked on him again this week and he appreciated it a lot. He was wasn’t interested when we first met him but with a Haitian mango and the help of the spirit he said he is open to learning more about what we believe. We are excited to visit him this week.
Elder Rockwood and I are straight chilling and being chill. HAHA, but honestly we are having a lot of fun out here. We have some investigators we are working with who have a lot of potential. My area is special because I get to work with English and Spanish people.
The spirit is special thing. Love the gospel. Love you all.
Elder Barber
Also, our Spanish class is bumping. this week we put up flyers at the local Latino markets. We are very passionate about English class. Thanks to the members for helping us with the class and the work.

Por Gratis- Quieren a aprender Inglés? Vengan!

Companion study with Elder Heinz

What a day!!!


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