First Corn Boil

Lake Mary is dope! My companion is super chill, his name is ElderRockwood. He is from Utah. We are working hard out here. Some

We gave service in Sanford, Fl which is pretty ghetto. I dig it! We

warmed up pizza and gave it to those in need. After, we got to clean

up. I swept the floor. I really enjoyed it.
Met an Indian guy who spoke zero English. His son did. The old Indian

Grandpa had such joy and excitement in his eyes when he saw us. I

felt, even though he didn’t understand what we said that he knew we

were were messengers of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Although

they weren’t interested in us meeting with them because of the

language barrier, we ordered a Book of Mormon is Telugu to give them.
Had my very first Corn boil with the Lake Mary ward! It was for

Memorial Day. I got to sit next to a sweet lady named Janette who is

of another Christian Faith. I got to know her pretty well and her

other family members. They are very warm and God loving people. I

gained such a respect for those of other Christian faiths more than I

have had before.
Awesome week, excited to work hard and keep finding ways to share the

gospel! We are working to get an English class going for those who

want to learn.
Elder Barber

P Day!

Hector’s studio

Elder Rockwood and I


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