“Choked on Water”

This week was a great one!

Water regurgitation attempt
So at our table this week, we were doing our normal thing of being
weird and saying what’s up to everyone. Many who walk by pretend we
aren’t there and others say hello, which is quite nice. The rejection
doesn’t even phase me anymore. However, I was quite concerned after an
experience we had with another bystander. Here’s what happened. This
girl was walking closer to our table, We waved and said hello! She
continued to look forward acting like we weren’t there. As she
continued to walk closer, I took a drink of water. At the exact moment
she walked in front of me, I choked on my water and threw it up all
over my pants. She didn’t even flinch. We were in awe. In a span of 10
seconds we waved and said hello to her and I had just thrown up water
all over my pants and she didn’t even notice….We began to
contemplate if we were seeing actual humans? Was this real life? Were
we just plastic bags drifting through the wind? Are we that ugly?
Nonetheless, we laughed about it and continued talking to everyone and
anyone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Heck yeah.

We met Lucy at “The Walk”(Our table) and we had some great lessons
with her this week! She feels really good when she reads the Book of
Mormon. We are grateful for the opportunity to teach her. She is from
Ireland! I know this Gospel is true and it is so fulfilling to see
others began to find out for themselves.

Mother’s Day was awesome. So grateful for my mom. She has helped me
through so much, families can be together forever. So grateful for the
sacrament. Christ is real. Angels are real. I know that the Book of
Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.

Elder Barberimage3 (12)

image4 (5)

Our poly friends Vita and Sione!


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